Bamboo sheets are currently one of the most popular options available, alongside cotton and linen. Made from bamboo, bamboo blends, or viscose, bamboo sheets are soft, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant. They can regulate heat exchanges and keep you cool all night. And, if you are curious to know how bamboo sheets can benefit you, read on the full list here.

What are bamboo sheets? What are its different types?

Bamboo is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass and is soft and smooth to the touch. Considered a valuable resource for textile production as it can regenerate itself from the roots, bamboo plants can be harvested yearly. They are long-lasting materials that regenerate on their own after being harvested. Bamboo linen is a fabric made from bamboo soaked in water to soften it before being washed. Bamboo fabrics look like linen or cotton. These are also more durable than cotton sheets, and they maintain their shape and size from the moment they are purchased.

Bamboo cultivation is more environmentally friendly than cotton cultivation because bamboo grows naturally in the wild. It is also environmentally friendly because bamboo plants regenerate quickly after harvesting and release 35 per cent more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees do.

Bamboo fabrics come in various styles and can be used to make sheets, pillows, and other bedding materials. They are made of lyocell, rayon, or modal fabric derived from bamboo fibres. Some of the bamboo fabrics available in the market are:

  • Bamboo linen is a fabric that is made from bamboo and linen. But it is too scratchy to use as a duvet cover.
  • Bamboo Lyocell is a material similar to bamboo, but it is made through a process that is a little less environmentally friendly.
  • Twill is the best weave for bamboo sheets and other products, as it has a diagonal rib on one side.
  • Bamboo sheets are woven in a sateen weave, smoother and silkier than twill.
  • Bamboo Viscose or Rayon is the softest bedding available and the best sleeping option. Bamboo rayon is, however, not an environmentally friendly product. Though it is less expensive than other bamboo sheet options, the process of creating rayon pollutes the environment.

Bamboo bed sheets are a life-changing secret for getting a good night’s sleep. They are preferable to cotton sheets for several other reasons as well.

The top 8 benefits of bamboo sheets

Bamboo fabric is:

  • Naturally antimicrobial. The bamboo plant contains anti-bacterial agents that deter pests from feeding on it.
  • Made from a highly renewable resource and is cooler than cotton
  • The best solution for various sleeping issues, including hot flashes, scratchy feel, and environmental concerns.
  • Effective at wicking away moisture than other natural fabrics, and they are also warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Naturally resistant to odours, and remain fresh and odour-free between washings.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and require less dye than cotton sheets, reducing the likelihood of sensitivity in sensitive individuals.
  • They won’t languish in landfills for years before decomposing.
  • Durable and less susceptible to wear and tear than regular cotton sheets.

Although bamboo sheets are more expensive than cotton sheets, they last longer when given special care. Sleeping on bamboo sheets will help you feel good and provide a restful sleep!

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