Podcast marketing is the latest trend and it tends to look unhelpful and overly simplistic. There are certain complications in podcast conversion funnel which will not be seen at the start. If you want to understand what is podcast conversion funnel, steps involved in creating a funnel and how does it work, you need to check this blog. We hope you learn more here than the above-mentioned topics.

If you wish your podcast to prosper, you have to understand it better as it is the most fundamental piece. You should also know how podcast conversion funnel differs from the traditional content marketing funnel as well as how to transforms listeners to qualified leads.

What is a podcast conversion funnel?

If you are a B2B marketer, you should know that improving a conversion funnel needs:

  • Customer research: It helps marketers to make choices according to the qualitative feedback.
  • Data analysis: It assists marketing makes choices based on quantitative data.

Unluckily, for many companies, the podcasting world does not provide any of these. Information is available however it is completely anonymized. In the same way, qualitative feedback exists. However, it depends on listeners approaching you. Thus, the podcast conversion funnel becomes challenging to optimize. You cannot depend on data or who is following at a specific stage.

How do the sales funnel function?

It begins when people get to know or already aware of your podcast. It can be a result of viewing your post on LinkedIn or one of the hundred ways. It is further obscured by not determining who is snooping to your podcast as most podcast players do not offer information on listening behaviors or subscribers.

There is a big jump from starting discovery to determining to launch a podcast app. Some of the steps that involve are moving to mobile from desktop, browsing to appealing and passive to lively participation. If in case, the big jump occurs, they will subscribe to the show.

As a business owner, you would wish to transform the engagements into identified contacts. If you want to do that, the listeners have to fill the podcast application to approach you. It is also challenging to optimize a particular method of contact. Do they prefer a phone call, email or form fill?

Understanding and learning how the funnel works are half the fight. Luck is not enough with podcasting. It is best to give importance to the parts you measure.

For example in the awareness stage, you would not know would get aware of the podcast just like how many people noticed your blog post. Remember, podcast awareness occurs in hundreds and thousands of locations. It is not possible to track most of them as they are instrumented according to the listener level. Moreover, the stage’s value is not particularly high as awareness does not mean that they could become a client. If individuals are visiting a podcast application for the podcast, it is possible to measure in two ways.

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