What are the new SEO trends you are planning to implement in 2020? What are the developments you would do to improve your search traffic results? Recently, we discussed with a top SEO company- Merged Media about the latest SEO tips and trends and how businesses can put into practice. Their answers focus on the urgency of several SEO aspects and tasks. Let us discuss their answers and more here in this post.

  • Concentrate on the basics: Most SEO professionals and starters keep researching for shortcuts and simple SEO techniques to implement in their projects. Many individuals in this industry waste their resources and time searching for shiny objects. Remember, there are no shortcuts in SEO. It is necessary to put your resources and time to complete SEO tasks. Link building, content generation, website speed, and keyword research are some of the important SEO activities that need attention and time. Do not try any shortcuts to perform these activities.

If you put sufficient effort and time, the entire SEO job will become more profitable and far easier. Some try to skip some essential SEO activities like technical SEO and on-site SEO. When you skip, it is hard to see results.

  • Write for online readers and users: Google keeps renewing its algorithms regularly to recognize user intent and offer the best relevant search results. So, it is important to create truly useful content where the users can read and make use of it. Google has already stated that it is not possible to optimize content. You have the only option – write attractive contents for the end-users. Searchers look for content that is timely and to the point. When people browse with doubt or question in mind, your website should offer an answer to their questions.
  • Your website is your brand, so build trust in your brand. A random website with inappropriate links will be blacklisted by Google soon. It is important to develop a website as a real business. It should have all the features proving that it is a genuine business/company. When you develop it with necessary features, the search engine will understand and trust your website. Google does not judge your business by the way you are offering services. It judges through several channels like the number of users on Google (how users interact with your product on SERPs), feedbacks, and reviews they share through Google as well as through their smartphones.

Apart from improving your offline service quality, it is best to invest time into developing your website’s trust, authoritativeness, and expertise.

  • Ensure your site is safe and fast: In 2020, questions regarding basic comfort on the internet like UX, security, and page speed will be more important than ever. The safety and convenience of the users should be first given first importance than other factors. Google Crawlers scan for possible vulnerabilities from databases like OWASP and platform-specific.
  • Do not underestimate link building: Links remain as one of the important factors for all SEO success stories. Ensure not to misunderstand its role. It should be used correctly for the best SEO results.
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